1- cover the top half of your face in orange makeup 
2- go around your mouth in white makeup 
3- do the lower parts of your cheeks with black makeup 
4- go down your neck with the white and black makeup 
5- create hair like storks between the black and orange and black and white 
6- make a cat like nose and draw a line down to your mouth  
7- create a widows peek in black 
8- put brown eye shadow on the eye lids and down the sides of the nose 
9- do eyeliner all around the eyes creating a point on both the inside and out 


Comic book 

Step 1- put a thick coat of base makeup on your face 
Step 2- define the features of your face using black liquid eyeliner 
Step 3- draw a line on your cheek bones and the corners of your nose
Step 4- draw a line down the center of your nose and do dramatic eyeliner 
Step 5- go over your eyebrows with the black eyeliner making them what ever shape you want 
Step 6- put white dots all over your face 
Step 7- put on red lipstick  

Emily from The Corpes Bride  

Step 1- mix white, green, and blue creme makeup together

Step 2- apply creme makeup all over face

Step 3- apply white eyeliner all around eyelid

Step 4- shade around white circles and cheekbones with blue eyeshadow

Step 5- use black pencil to create eyelids and eyebrows 

Step 6- draw eyelashes and pupils with black pencil

Step 7- draw “rotting” areas in cheeks and forehead

Step 8- apply lipstick

Step 9- shade entire face and neck

Our goal 

We plan to experiment with costume make-up!!! Samantha Fonseca and I, Abbey O’Shaughnessy, have never done this before. We are going to learn how to do 5 different designs of make-up and post a picture and how we did it on this blog!